Strip and Refinish Office Floor

Maintaining floors requires regular cleaning and finishing. This helps to retain their appearance and improves their durability. The type of flooring dictates the methods and procedures to be used and what equipment is best suited to complete the job. 

The Summit County Department of Jobs & Family Services (DJFS) occupies office space with three large waiting areas. The flooring in those areas handles a large volume of foot traffic and needs maintenance. Cardinal Maintenance determined that the best method to ensure a clean, durable surface was to strip, wax, and buff the floors. 

The work was completed on two successive weekends and included stripping down the topcoat, a single disk scrub to clean debris, and extracting the wax. The flooring was then mopped before three new coats of wax were applied. 

Cardinal Maintenance crews completed the job after hours to avoid disrupting DJFS staff and their clients. The finished result is clean, shiny floors free of dirt and grime with a layer of protection from the elements.

Floor Cleaning